Haunted Places

South Cotswolds

Minchinhampton’s Long Stone

Between Cirencester and Stroud lies the picture perfect Cotswold Town of Minchinhampton. And just past Holly Bush Farm, a magical stone is positioned.  The Long Stone is an ancient monument thought to mark the burial site of a Celtic Chieftain. According to local lore it is said to have strong supernatural associations. Mothers treated their children for smallpox or rickets by passing them through the Gap in the Stone. 

The enormous rock moves from the field in which it stands, always at midnight and occasionally it wanders into Minchinhampton to drink from the local spring. Legend also says that the rock contains pure gold and that it’s guarded by a ferocious ghost perhaps a large spectral dog or wolf of some kind.

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Between Cirencester and Stroud lies the magical Cotswold village of Minchinhampton.

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In Cirencester

The ancient Roman town of Cirencester is the capital of the Cotswolds.  In those ancient times, the place thrived as the second-largest town in England.  The King’s head is right in the city center and home to a resident ghost.  It’s possible that this place stands on the spot of what was once a Roman staging post. It’s most famous ghost is that of a shadowy monk apparently with no face, most commonly seen on the stairs. One staff member’s encounter with him led to her quitting her job in fright.

It’s also home to a ghostly Cavalier,  thought to be a casualty of a skirmish that took place in 1688 between supporters of William of Orange and those of the Stewarts. A man called Whitelock was hit by a musket ball and later died there.  The room where he perished was named the Whitelock suite in his honour.  On one occasion a terrified employee looked up from his work to see the phantom Cavalier pointing a pistol at his head. Strange noises, hurled objects, and a mysterious fireball have also been reported in the room. 

Not far away just past the Church of the old Abbey grounds, there have been several reports of an old gentleman dressed in Victorian clothes walking towards the river after dark and inevitably phantom monks have been spotted in the area too.

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The capital of the Cotswolds is well worth a visit whether or not you’re a fan of spooky tales.
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Where to Eat & Drink

The Bell at Sapperton

A country pub, with flagstone floors, beamed ceilings, and log fires. 

Diversitea Café

 A perfect cup of tea, roasted coffee, and delicious home-baked cakes. 

The Fleece

A leisurely lunch or relaxed evening meal of locally sourced ingredients.

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