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Find your happy place in this independent-minded, pretty town, with plenty of foodie places to eat and drink. Stroll down Cecily Hill, the most exclusive street in town and soak up the medieval vibe as you walk around the narrow lanes, and winding streets. Visit for the olde world charm and the spectacular treelined country park.



The ancient Roman town of Cirencester is the capital of the Cotswolds. Corinium, as it was known then, thrived as the second-largest town in England. Just outside the town lies the Cirencester amphitheater, built in the early 2nd century AD.

The landscape was dominated by the Abbey for four centuries, which was founded in 1117.  At the dissolution of the monasteries in 1539, Henry VIII ordered the total demolition of the buildings. Only the Norman Arch, built in 1180, and parts of the precinct wall remain above ground today.



The Broad Avenue

In 1695, Sir Benjamin Bathurst, a kindly and generous gentleman, purchased the current estate, known then as Oakley Grove. It was a gift for his eldest son, Allen, who became the 1st Earl Bathurst.

Lord Bathurst purchased further land in 1716 comprising the Oakley and Sapperton estates from the Atkyns family. These estates, west of Cirencester, were linked together by a series of parks joined by one enormous, long avenue, designed jointly by Bathurst and Pope, known as The Broad Avenue. It runs five miles in length from the Cirencester end of the park, up to Sapperton at the other end of the estate.

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Gladiators: A Cemetery of Secrets

to 23rd April 2023

The exhibition at The Corinim Museum explores the story of a group of Gladiators, believed to have lived and fought in the city of York, during the Roman occupation. It features the skeletal remains of some of the men, suggesting that they met with a grisly end.

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The capital of the Cotswolds is the perfect choice independent shops, museums and picturesque walks.
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Where to Eat & Drink

A country pub, with flagstone floors, beamed ceilings, and log fires.


 A perfect cup of tea, roasted coffee, and delicious home-baked cakes.

A leisurely lunch or relaxed evening meal of locally sourced ingredients.

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