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Until the late 20th century, the Cotswolds were fairly unaltered by tourism despite more than a hundred years of railway travel. The original independent networks were replaced by The Great Western Railway in 1851 who began marketing the Cotswolds as a holiday destination. Always prized for its picturesque landscape, the region has changed somewhat over the last forty years or so.  While some historic houses fell into disrepair and were beyond restoration, well-funded heritage schemes have ensured the preservation of important buildings and the area continues to thrive with the times.

More than a travel guide, our Cotswold Places community is passionate about the story behind the rich history and evolving landscape. Celebrating the people and heritage of England’s most enchanting region.

Featured Towns & Villages

 Historic stories, aerial footage, and local interviews are available here and on The Cotswold Explorer YouTube channel. 

Click on the videos below to explore Burford, Stroud and Broadway


Burford’s medieval High Street is flanked by an unbroken line of ancient houses. Little has changed over the centuries and it remains a popular shopping destination. Here’s our short video to give you a taster; A History of Burford


Stroud is a picturesque town in the Cotswold hills, recognised as the best place to live in the UK in a Sunday Times guide. The Gloucestershire town was praised fo its “independent spirit”. See more in our video; A History of Stroud .


Broadway is a charming village with a rich cultural and art heritage. It’s a joy to visit whether you arrive for a day-trip or a relaxing weekend. Learn more about the history of the area in our short video; A History of Broadway.