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Seasonal magic awaits...

During the festive season, The Cotswolds come to life with spectacular walks and places to visit. Local towns and villages host craft markets, Christmas fairs, and spectacular light displays.  

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Favourite Haunts in The Cotswolds

Don’t miss our new Haunted Places feature with YouTuber, The Cotswold Explorer. The journey begins in Cheltenham and continues south to popular South Cotswold gems like Minchinhampton, Cirencester and North East to the nearby city of Oxford.

Watch now to hear about creepy moving stones and flying monks, and discover the region’s most haunted places. 

Be sure to follow in the footsteps of this ghostly trail and visit these spooky Cotswold Places for yourself.


We share stories and videos about popular tourist destinations and lesser-known villages, past and present.

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Visit the acclaimed museum and enjoy an interactive experience.

The Corinium Museum is located at the heart of Cirencester, the ‘Capital of the Cotswolds’. Their principal collection consists of  finds from the Roman town of Corinium, today known as Cirencester. Visit to explore a journey through the prehistoric landscape of The Costwolds to the modern day.  > Read more

Cotswold Towns & Villages

 Historic stories, aerial footage, and local interviews are available here and on The Cotswold Explorer YouTube channel. Click on the images below for videos about Burford, Stroud and Broadway.


Burford’s medieval High Street hasn’t changed much over the centuries and remains a popular shopping destination. Here’s a short video; A History of Burford


Stroud is a picturesque town in the Cotswold hills. The Gloucestershire town was praised for its “independent spirit”.  A History of Stroud 


Broadway is a charming village with a rich cultural and art heritage. Learn more about the history of the area in our short video; A History of Broadway.