Guide to Submitting Free Listings

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How to Add a Listing 

We offer a range of content and listings data, including the distribution of information to partner sites, broadcasters, and travel partners.  To maximise awareness we recommend that you upgrade to a paid listing package for less that £15 per month.

1. How do I add or send you information?

Anyone can take advantage and add information on places. We offer:

  • Add a Place
  • Update a Place

Our Content Producers check all submissions. (T&C’s apply)

2. I’ve submitted a listing – so now where is it now?

Our Content Producers check submissions against other sources and for duplicate information, and therefore information (and photos) do not appear on the website automatically. It is a two-step process; Please allow around seven days for new free or updated listings to appear on the website. We are unable to provide individual feedback on images supplied. 

We recommend submitting your listings as far in advance as possible, as more people will see your listing.

3. I can’t seem to attach a photo. What’s happening?

We are able to receive the following file formats: JPG (JPEG), GIF, PNG, BMP, TIF. If in doubt, use JPG. The trouble could also be that the file is too large, causing the upload process to time out. 

4. Why hasn’t my photo been used? Why is my photo so small? Why has my poster or image been cropped?

We use two sizes of image: 300px wide and 620px wide. If your photo is smaller than 300px, unfortunately, we cannot use it. If the dimensions of your image will disrupt the page layout or the text on your poster will be too hard to read at 300px or 620px wide, we will crop it.

5. How do I make sure people notice my listing?

We recommend enriching your listing as much as possible. This means including images, useful links to additional content, Twitter accounts, websites, videos and photos. 

6. Collecting and managing events and listing data takes me a lot of time. Can The Cotswold Explorer team help?

For any further questions, please email